Why Rainbow Global Services

Personalising Your Hotel Linen
Our design team can customize all the hotel linen products, including table cloth, jacquard or embroidery bedding sets, decorative pillows, bed throws and valances, in terms of your hotel culture and decorative style to outstand more features of your hotel bringing uniquely perfect experience to your guests.
Understand the Textiles and Hotel Industry
Rainbow Global Services understands the market and gives our customers what they want, rather than try to sell them what we have.We select the high quality cotton fabric and efficiently finish our production plan in arranging time. The final products are then made up by our experienced hemmers to a standard we have constantly reviewed and improved on over the years. We consistently exceed our clients’ expectations and we have acquired an enviable reputation of providing the same level of care and attention whether it’s a bespoke solution for a boutique hotel or a 1500-room hotel.
Total Flexibility
By selecting Rainbow Global Services as your preferred linens supplier you can be confident of choosing a partner who has genuine hospitality industry knowledge and the attention to detail demanded.We offer total flexibility to accommodate your various needs and wants.