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We are from hospitality & manufacturing background and are very well familiar with different aspects of the quality product, production and supply chain process so we can negotiate better and we can control the quality at each and every stage of production. We work very closely with all the leading mills in India in the evolution of new product development and can offer unique products to our customers at internationally competitive prices.With our strong technical knowledge and negotiation skills, we have passed on 15-30% cost advantage to our customers.

Dedicated Service

We will work as your local office in India and as your extensions to bridge the geographical gap. You will not have the need to co-ordinate with number of different manufacturers; we will take care of all communication from our end. This will save you a lot of time, money and resources. Our team will update you on weekly basis on the order progress this will help us the put continuous pressure on the supplier for excellent quality, timely delivery and just incase of any unforeseen circumstances,you will have information very well in advance.